Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glam Nation: Foxwoods

This is a concert of exceptional vocals, perhaps slightly surprising because of rumours of illness and it's the last of three consecutive dates with plenty of interviews in between. Adam has a slightly different swept-up hairdo with a very glittery shaved patch and the shirt worn in the early stages is getting slashed increasingly lower as we progress. Here's the playlist of my video picks:

The hat stays on again for RoF but I don't think it really suits the rest outfit or the song. We have breathtaking vocals during Sleepwalker and startling glory notes in Aftermath and SFW. Look out for the high kick at the end of Strut and the slightly dorky shuffle-dance across the stage at the MA guitar solo. Monte shows us some great guitar licks during the band intro and he and Brooke share a little butt-grind of a dance.

WLL brings a laid-back vibe and high sultry breaths to start it off. The other side of the stage now gets some loving as Adam lazily slinks his way over and seats himself ready in firing position, shooting seductive glances at the audience. He pants and moans his way through the instrumental break and starts riding the platform into an orgasmic scream. In case there are any doubts as to what's on his mind, he gets up led by his crotch, then almost obscenely illustrates what to do with his every inch. This is melodically quite a different WLL and I feel that he's much more spontaneous and freer in expression, perhaps in response to the 'family friendly' reviews. The grand finish is truly phenomenal with a giggle in between as he hits the highest note of the tour so far. Just WOW. Amazing. And he spanks Tommy's bum on his way off the stage.


  1. My daughter and I were at this concert, we were totally blown away by Adam's vocals ,they were impeccable that night ! We left there not truly comprehending what we had just witnessed,he was that amazing !

  2. Judy, you're so lucky! I remember Foxwoods was on the end of a short run of concerts that kept getting better. It's great that you were able to experience it with your daughter.