Thursday, 17 June 2010 Live Sessions

I'd been wondering when these sessions would released, expecting them to coincide with a publicity blitz or the release of WWFM on July 19th, so they came as a surprise. They were taped on the date of the HMV Heaven gig and I actually waited outside the studios trying to meet him but he was running hopelessly late. That combined with spending a very long time perfecting each song meant that I gave up.






At the start of Strut, Adam's voice sounds unnaturally high and he flubs the lyrics swapping pollution and solution. The soft focus camera angles give a strange and slightly freaky perspective. WWFM is very bass heavy with Monte's guitar sounding unpleasantly grating on instrumental break. FYE feels like more of a rocking than electronic version with emphasis on guitar over the synths. The backing vocals on the second verse ruin it though as the sound is terrible. IIHY has plenty of distracting lights but surprisingly so dancers. Again, there's a slight lyric discrepancy as Adam's vocals don't match the backing track. Fever is very camp from the inturned toes to the OTT expressions and I like the variations he made at the end.

Now that we're well into the tour, this slick high-glam look of Adam's feels like it's from such a long time ago. We can see the improvement since then in him, the dancers and the band. I think this tells us a little more about how he's going to be marketed here in the UK, leaning towards the dance-pop vibe. The sound isn't quite right in these and Adam performs much better in front of an audience than studio cameras but the voice is impressive as ever.


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