Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Glam Nation: New York I

This stop on the tour is quite an important one for press coverage so I fully expected Adam to push himself just that little bit further. It seems he's left in some of those extensions he had in for the MMVAs and added the glitter trail from his eye. Here's my current playlist of all the best videos:

There's a return to lighting fail during RoF and Adam looks rather demonic as fire is projected onto his face. Fever sees the flirtatious tension finally breaking between Adam and Tommy who have been circling each other and fucking with us for a fair few concerts now. Tommy initiates it when he goes for a timid little peck on the chest then Adam responds by hungrily licking him like his favourite-flavoured ice cream. It looks like Tommy was expecting to be ravaged but the resulting kiss is fleeting. It's he who looks like the cat that got the cream though, and who could blame him, being the envy of every single other person present? It leads to a vivacious performance with top-notch vocals. Sleepwalker drives home Adam's extraordinary singing prowess and I notice he uses the stage more by getting up onto one of the side platforms.

WWFM brings a singalong and we can see how hot it is and why Adam needs his 'air-conditioning' as beads of sweat accumulate and run down his face. Aftermath is pretty but the guitar sounds a little too overpowering. The flirtation continues during SFW as Adam bumps Tommy but throws a glance just to check he's OK. He incorporates some extra chest-popping into the routine and wows with his staggeringly powerful vocals. IIHY sees a mystery white object clinging to Adam's crotch area that's slightly distracting. The band intro sees Tommy stealing a shy kiss onto Adam's shoulder and then planting one onto his cheek. Watch out for that snaky tongue on speed.

The usually libidinous WLL is sultry as hell, leaving me gasping for breath. He sits atop the steps panting out the song before creeping down to the stage. The pace is dreamy. He has a little giggle in place of his every inch, momentarily breaking the mood but then using his voice as percussion. The instrumentals are much improved but the drum solo goes on for a bit too long and it sounds like the band gets a little out of time. Those erotic wails are like primal mating calls that really crank up the heat. What he does to the voice after that and at the climax is other-worldly amazing. I love the slower tease of this version, but FS WLL still has the edge for me. What a way to finish off what I think is the best set so far. The vocals are brilliant and he's truly on fire.


  1. Wow what a concert. Can't wait to see it. That's right, Aug. 10th, Erie PA. My tickets came this morning. I am so excited.
    You my Dear have been working so hard keeping us up to date with all the tour stops. Thank you so much. I wish you were coming with me to see him.

  2. Adamspirit, congratulations on getting tickets! So happy for you and wish I could join you too. My time will come soon I hope.

  3. AB;

    I was at the First NYC performance!!!! OMG - loved it. His vocals - particularly the note he hit near the end of Fever nearly sent me over the edge. My daughter and I just looked at each other as though we couldn't believe that just happened. He was WONDERFUL.. Next I will see in in Providence, RI on Aug 17. Man, what a summer!

    PS Been having some computer problems - it's been tough to post comments - it's not your website - it's me :((((((


  4. Lynn, so happy you got to go! Seems like that was a fantastic concert to attend judging from the videos.

    You've just made me realise the extent of this obsession when you wrote 'it's me' and I automatically followed it up with singing 'I'm a freak' in my head.

  5. AB;

    That's funny!! I could finish the phrase with "I'm an Adam freak..."

    It was great - have you seen him live yet??? I have missed some of your postings...I wonder if you got to see him on his overseas junket.

    With all of the Michael Jackson - 1 year tributes, I re-watched Adam's Black and White performance - It is so much fun to go back and see what the judges had to say. Paula was spot-on....too bad she was underestimated....

    It's priceless watching his reaction - tears welling - when they were over the moon for him...very touching to watch it now.

    I can't wait to see him in Providence. Any plans to come to the states????


  6. Lynn, yes we are such Adam freaks!
    I did manage to see him live in London. Here's my write-up of Adam in Heaven. I have to warn you that it's very long though!
    I felt that Paula got Adam more than the other judges and totally fell for him right from the start, just like we have. Even at the audition, we saw her drop her pen in a gesture that said 'job done' and she said he was the best they'd seen in every city. She did give universal praise to everyone but I felt that she was totally awestruck by Adam.
    I'm afraid I won't be making it over to the states, just waiting patiently for his UK stops. How many concerts have you been to now?

  7. AB;

    So glad that you got to see him live - I will read your write-up!! I saw him during the Idols Tour in Providence, then in NYC - but I am most excited about this performance at Lupo's in Providence. I believe the capacity is around 1000 so we should be able to see him really well. We were very close in NYC, but I think Providence will feel more intimate.

    I guess a reviewer gave Adam a bad review for his performance in Washington. I understand that some people might not appreciate Adam - but to say that he has no control over his voice is crazy. Sounds like his was itching for a fight with the Glamberts!!! Good luck on that!

    Thanks!! Lynn

  8. Lynn, wow that's a small venue. You'll be so lucky to see him in such an intimate gig, he'll blow the roof off the place.
    I read that review and I didn't think it was that bad, it just seems like someone who stubbornly doesn't like it when people put new spins on the classics. I think he's been beaten to a pulp for it though!

  9. Oh, I remember the twitter feed when the lick "happened" lol. It was fun! :D