Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glam Nation: New York II

I've fallen a little behind with these videos so I'm glad we've had a day off so I can catch up again. This stop seems to have a very lively atmosphere with plenty of arms up in the air. I'm only leaving you with very brief notes this time. Below is my playlist.

Lots of energy during DTRH where Adam tells us to jump. Hat stays on for RoF, where he gives a powerful performance. Adam gets kissy bitey teasy with Tommy during a saucy Fever with exaggerated moves. Stunning finish to Sleepwalker, lyric flub during start of WWFM. Gets very naughty with the cane during Strut. IIHY sees bindi failure and 'Ouch, I think my balls just dropped!' and re-adjusting of package. I like the choppy instrumental intro to MW. WLL is WOW with fantastic riffs and amazing vocals enabled with lots of tongue. He gets on his knees for part of it and shows his control freak, constantly signalling for sound adjustments.


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