Sunday, 6 June 2010

Glam Nation: Sayreville

It's only the second day in, but this tour is intense. There's just so much to take in and so little time to do things like sleep. I managed to watch a part of the live stream and one of the things that came to my attention was the number of arms and cameras in the air - a standing concert. I prefer the wilder energy at these gigs but it's a bummer for short people who don't arrive early enough. I've often thought about having a graded system where your position in the room is determined by your height. Anything above a maximum height in each row will get zapped by a laser, promising instant decapitation. That should put an end to selfish tall people at the front. Anyway, I'm tired and I digress. Here's my playlist of the best videos so far, which will get updated throughout the day:

So that I don't wear myself out, I'm just going to make brief notes for each concert, which should become helpful for future reference should you want to find the concert or the video where he did such-and-such.

The stage is much smaller and I don't like the close proximity of the lighting rig when Adam is on the top platform as it feels a little claustrophobic. There are no plinths on either side of the stage to jump on top of, and the lasers are missing.

Adam takes his hat off at the end of DTRH to reveal a return to flat hair. It looks like we're going to be playing the 'up-do or down-do?' hair game again this summer. I think I prefer the up-do but it's no minor feat to get it under control with all the heat and the sweat. The glittery makeup is much more flattering and less death-like. RoF is sizzling and the vocal is superior to yesterday's. Tommy is like a prop - Adam's plaything during Fever. There seem to be quite a few improvised parts to WWFM but the timing doesn't quite work. I love what he does with his vocals during Aftermath though, which sounds improved. He comes onto the stage during SFW without the shreds of shirt from yesterday so we get to see his bare arms, recalling Bowie Medley memories. There's an Adommy/Lambliff moment where he sings about pretty boys. Adam seems so happy during an energetic IIHY, my personal highlight his dance with Brooke and his shoulder shimmy. The MW encore is shorter with less ad-libbing but it must be moving to have the whole ballroom sing it back in unison.


  1. I love how you put the videos back to back-great work, thanks :)

  2. Thanks for these - very useful! (Btw, you seem to be missing Music Again in this one)

  3. Anonymous, thanks for your comment! It took hours of watching to get the playlist together.

    maiaj, thanks for letting me know, much appreciated! I've now added it to the playlist.

  4. Lambo, thank you again for your great work. I was telling Bani that I am always looking forward to your edited version of the concert.
    And I hear you about flat concert hall or outside theater with tall people in front.
    I was at Fantasy Casino where the floor was totally flat and cheaper
    seats at bleacher had much better view. I am short so I had to stand on the isle.
    At Costa Mesa I go next month is outdoor and I bought "circle section" seat to avoid the same mistake as at Indio. With huge ticket price, though, just to make sure I am close enough to the stage, even with my hight, ha,ha, ha

  5. hagoromoaya, you are welcome! It's a shame that short people have so many disadvantages going to concerts. Maybe concert floors should be sloped but then again I'm sure someone would trip up and sue! I'm so envious you went to Fantasy Springs and hope you have an equally fabulous time when you see him next month. I look forward to hearing all about your experience.