Monday, 6 July 2009

Feeling Green - Portland OR

I'm envious of everyone who managed to see Adam in concert yesterday. I'm only able to experience it through others' accounts and videos that they took and have kindly posted. I've been sifting through the media from the concert and have posted the best visual quality ones I've found so far in a playlist, although they may well change as more videos surface.

Digital cameras are such a blessing but also a curse. In most of the videos, there are about 50 other cameras filming the same thing. Multiply that by 50 for every tour date and we end up with information overload. While it's a great souvenir to experience over and over, and is fantastic for everyone who wasn't there, I also think the age of digital cameras have taken something away from the concert experience. Gone are the days of waving hands and lighters in the air, singing along and feeling the full force of the atmosphere and music. I've been guilty of it myself in the past, but at so many gigs, I've been annoyed at the sea of LCD displays obstructing my view of what was going on stage and feel that people are missing much of the concert by experiencing it through their cameras. They hold back from dancing in order to keep it steady, avoid singing along to get better audio and are busily concentrating on capturing the moment on camera rather than capturing everything about such a thrilling experience through all their senses and emotions. I would be too selfish to do any filming myself as seeing Adam live in concert would need my full undivided attention, but for all those who did film and did sacrifice a little of the experience for the rest of us, THANK YOU!

My initial thoughts are that Whole Lotta Love is my favourite (and yours too, by the looks of the poll) for its electrifying buzz in making me want to jump up and go nuts; Starlight is my favourite in terms of the melody, song and breathtaking vocals; the Bowie Medley for Adam's letting loose allowing us to see a side of him we didn't on AI with his sensual dance moves; and Mad World for drawing us in with its emotion. I also liked Slow Ride but prefer that he didn't share the stage. The audio isn't great quality but I think there were a few sound issues as he seemed to be fiddling with his earpiece quite a lot. I didn't think the instrumentals in the Bowie medley were quite up to scratch. The bass didn't seem to be heavy enough to jolt everyone out of their seats, but Adam's voice is still a powerful thing of beauty. Damn, I wish I could see him live!


  1. Looking back, WLL at Portland would always be my favourite. Those move, that voice, the look and smile on his face were unique. I was blessed to be able to witness his excitement and joy on his stage.

    The other three cities that I am really looking forwards to are, LA, NY and Menchaster, the last show.

    LA was filled with raw emotions which I loved. NY is the one that Adam is looking forward to. I think he will pull his magic real hard for this one. Then, the last show would be like the final performance on AI, where no voting was counted. I am sure he would make that as memorable as possible to all of us.

    In the meantime, thanks Adam bombed once again for putting the best videos here.