Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Our Studded Star Returns To Star-Studded LA

UPDATED 26/07/09 - Commentary after the videos
I'm sorry I'm going to have to skip the recaps for now otherwise I'll never manage to catch up. I'm a few concerts behind because I've had visitors and have needed to be a good host. Here's my video selection from LA:

I was excited for the LA leg of the tour to see how Adam's adoptive home town would receive him, expecting the roof to be blasted off into intergalactic space. There was incredible energy bursting out of him during 'Womaaan' WLL, made especially evident by his jumping around during the guitar solo. He stomped about with purpose, stroking and grinding with zeal like an alpha male before giving us a twirl. The lighting person here was made of fail for keeping the spotlight above the waist. There was great riffing but I found the final 'yeah' to be a little strange and off-key. It was however well synchronised with the background graphics - if you're getting sucked into a collapsing star you betcha the doppler effect is going to affect your sound! Mad World was flawless, the sound balance making him sound more sonorous. I especially loved the low and quivering first 'sorrow'. His voice on Starlight sounded rich and velvety and he moved about the stage more. Slow Ride saw a great introduction from Adam but I thought he and Allison sounded a little dissonant in parts and their voices didn't harmonise too well. It was the first time I noticed the backing singers throwing their arms up in the air. Adam seemed to have a minor hiccup when removing his jacket as it didn't want to come off. Ever the professional, he added a turn on the fly to give him an extra couple of seconds. On so many of the videos posted, I'm noticing more than ever that Adam's head often gets cut out when his snake hips are wriggling. It seems that everyone is completely mesmerised by them. He smiled, really seeming to enjoy himself, which was infectious. It flowed really well, his high notes went even higher and I loved that he felt comfortable enough to order his 'bitches' to get up and dance, to which they promptly obeyed.


  1. You will notice in this LA Bowie Medley Performance and in the Arizona Video on July 20th that he says "Bitches", when asking the audience to get up and dance. You can also see several big smiles in these videos and a shaking of his jacket before he takes it off. His vocal range is different in spots which is more noticable in his Arizona performance. As a fan I love seeing him smile and having fun on stage.

    Selfishly for myself I prefer his performances that align with my female fantasies of power and dominance. I like the thrust backwards and almost ripping off of his jacket, the deeper stronger vocals, the high energy air punches, grunts, breathiness, curled lips... Love all his performances - but, Oakland's Bowie Medley is my favorite so far!

  2. Juli An - thanks for your eagle-eyed observations! I've incorporated them into my post. I also love it when he smiles or laughs on stage because it feels like he's letting his genuine emotion flow rather than keeping to a predetermined character.

    I've now done my Oakland Bowie video edit which I hope you'll enjoy.

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  4. Watching all his version of Starlight till now, this is still my favourite.
    First he started it off with the lyrics, "you electricfy my life" with that eye blinking and glow on his face.
    Then, you might notice that this was the only time where he quickly swaped the mic form his right to the left, right before the lyrics," I will never let you go, if you promise not to fade away, never fade away". He lost a couple of second by doing that, but without hesitation, he quickly pointed to himself then made an oath sign with his right hand.
    And when the second time he sang the same lyric, instead of emphasising his emotion with his body language, he used his voice. I closed my eyes and felt like he was pulling every strenght of his for singing that.
    I am sure he would have 49 more amazing version of Starlight, but this is the first that touch my heart and soul. I just love it. Thank Adam.
    Adam Bombed, thanks for doing the edited version of Starlight at LA. You've made my day. Thanks.