Saturday, 18 July 2009

Reduced Salt Lake City

I'm really busy at the moment so posts may be a little short for the next week. I'll edit in a summary after I've managed to watch all the performances fully. Here's my selection:

Adam toned down the sexual aggression for a conservative West Valley City. There was less crotch-rubbing and hip-swivelling. The mic stand was left unfondled and I lamented the absence of a thrust to illustrate 'every inch' and his beckoning finger in a 'Woman'(with a great flourish) WLL. It meant that the focus was more on his vocals and he improvised much more. Starlight was smooth and flawless, with small changes in the melody. The instrumentals in Mad World seemed to lag a little behind in tempo at the start but there was a strong connection with the audience. There was more fun and ad-libbing in Slow Ride and another black bra hit the stage but was ignored during the Bowie medley. It was less restrained than the comparatively tentative WLL so I think Adam used the crowd reaction to decide on the level of camp.


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