Monday, 13 July 2009

Wiping The Floor With All Else - Oakland

I'm glad Oakland was much better for videos - here is my selection so far. I'm in the process of editing some of them so will re-embed when I'm done. Watch out for updates of previous shows too, or just check my YouTube. I didn't think I'd end up spending so much time doing up the videos from what started out as just a sound tweak, but that's the nature of obsession.

With his mother in the audience, Adam with slightly flatter hair was on top form in his 'Womaaaaaaaan' rendition of WLL and it seemed like he was fully revved up having recovered from his headache. He was so sexually charged, I half expected a rainbow-coloured lightning bolt to shoot out of his hoo-haa. Even the lighting made it seem like it was on fire. His hand gravitated towards his crotch much more and his 'Every inch' was thrusted at the audience like a sexual predator. Perhaps that's why the big screens tend to only shoot him from the waist up. He managed to get all the lyrics to rhyme this time, and the guitar solo was different. The vocals were strong and he took liberties with his riffing, especially on his incredible end note.

During Starlight, his voice slid effortlessly, working in a beautiful vibrato. Mad World was again a strong performance where he sounded supernatural. Slow Ride saw Adam demonstrate his stage awareness and consideration when he spotted something on the floor then got a towel to mop it up. He even used the towel as a prop, swinging it to incorporate it into his performance. Both Adam and Allison increased their improvising, and Adam in his excitement gave us a couple of side kicks. The Bowie medley saw another bra on the stage, a black one this time and his deep growly 'Yeeaaah!' reaction was priceless. Again, he chose a part of the performance to work it into so as not to disrupt the flow. His dance moves varied and seemed looser and less rehearsed. Overall, I think this was his best set yet. His vocals were flawless and strong, those big notes were elongated and higher than ever, and energy just exploded out of him.

All the reviews of Adam's performances have been extremely positive so far. Even the hardened AI cynics and music snobs have been converted in spite of their resistance. Almost all regard Adam's set as the high point of the concert and the rest as something to endure. He's not only wiped the floor with a towel but with the rest of the contestants too. A solo tour can't come soon enough.


  1. Again, thank you sooo much for your blog. I come home and jump right on your site every night. I was so excited to see the new vids you found! Adam was absolutely electrifying in Oakland! For some reason it felt like he was saying to any of the guys who had a problem that he was gay that he could take their woman right there and then! Good God - he has certainly taken me. He ooses masculinity. A woman's ultimate fantasy of power and flesh. He is an absolute drug addiction. So talented, what a voice and I love LOVE watching him dance. Imagine the vibes from his audiance when he tours alone - people will be fainting...

  2. Just wanted to say I really love the multi-sourced versions of your video clips. It would be osmething I would do myself but unfortunately don't have the computing resources not the time (although I did merge 2 videos on youtube, but that was a much simpler job of finding diferent audio sources, and not actually editing video)

    I'm hoping for the day where some pro-bootleg concert taper does proper audio recordings of his concerts. Don't think that's going to happen during the AI tour but hopefully that will become a reality when he has his own solo concerts!

    Check out my YouTube channel
    I'm compiling sorted playlists of his live performances so maybe that might be helpful to you if you continue to make your awesome videos. My playlists are listed on my LiveJournal if you're interested

  3. Anonymous,
    Yes, he could take their woman, their woman's mum and even their woman's dad he's so hot!

    Thanks, I've been spending way too long on them though! They're all actually just done on MS Movie Maker which doesn't do .flv files, so I spend half the time converting everything.
    It's silly that Adam doesn't have an iTunes pass - his performances are so in demand, they'd make a mint.
    Thanks so much for the playlists - they're incredibly helpful for keeping track of all the videos when I'm not glued to my computer screen.

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful, clear videos. They are the best I have found and your work is much appreciated by "the obsessed

  5. He's not only wiped the floor with a towel but with the rest of the contestants too.
    WOW, you wrote it perfectly! I couldn't help but think how exceptional Adam is in comparison with the other contestants and how he dominates the stage every time he steps on it since I've been watching AI group performances.

    I love every single Adam’s performance I’ve seen so far. I think he did such an outstanding job in Sacramento (considering the headache). Anyway, this time (in Oakland) it seemed to me like he really enjoyed himself and had fun. There was such an energy in all his performance. He was just fabulous!

    And his WLL in Oakland is my favorite of all Adam’s performances of that song I’ve seen yet.