Thursday, 9 July 2009

Travelling Far To Second Stop Tacoma

My, how much improvement was there between the two shows? There are 48 more to go so I hope you're not feeling fatigued already. After again sifting through the videos, here is my selection of visually the best quality ones in a playlist.

There were some marked differences between the Tacoma and Portland performances. In Whole Lotta Love, Adam didn't mess up his lyrics this time, and it was a more assured performance from him. We didn't get the naughty pelvic thrust but he seemed a lot more overtly sexual, touching himself and humping the mic stand. He sang Woman instead of Baby and I much preferred this Love glory note like he did on AI to the abbreviated one in Portland. Adam enjoyed and seemed more absorbed in this performance of Starlight. He still fiddled with his earpiece but he was much more physically expressive and freer in his movements, using his whole body to wring out a voice loaded with emotion. He swayed a lot more during this performance of Mad World with some minor changes to the phrasing and I loved the run he added to penultimate world. Near the beginning of the Slow Ride clip, he momentarily forgot to sing into his mic, which he laughed off. This performance seemed a lot more fun and energetic with increased improvisation and riffing. Adam wasn't afraid to set free more of his vocal acrobatics and I liked the descending run on the final Slow. There was a slight wardrobe change for the Bowie medley, where Adam wore a waistcoat over his vest. I guess he thought it was more flattering. His dancing was more fluid, perhaps because we got a better camera angle, but I thought he slinked around the stage like a feline.

There was still a lot of playing with his earpiece during most of the songs, so I hope all the sound issues get ironed out soon. I felt that Adam eased himself in to make the stage his home, being much less restrained, allowing himself more freedom and thus appearing more relaxed and comfortable. It all looked less premeditated, flowing more organically and made his performance in Portland seem tentative in comparison. The prospect of knowing that Adam is going to continue to improve with each peformance is an exciting one and you have to wonder whether there are any limits.


  1. Sweet -- all 5 videos are mine! Do I win a prize??

  2. He just keeps getting more and more OUT there and expressed. The Vancouver show was even more epic. I was spellbound by the video from that show. GO ADAM!

  3. MrsHappy2sing, I think you win the prize for best covert operative for kick-ass surveillance of a glittery alien! Plus you got to see him live, I'm so jealous!

    cjdancer, I wonder how awesome he'll be near the end of the tour. He needs to come to the UK.