Friday, 24 July 2009

Pride of San Diego

UPDATED 26/07/09 - Commentary after the videos

I'm still dealing with the backlog so here's my video selection only for now:

The tour coincided with San Diego's LGBT Pride festival but the schedule meant it wasn't possible for Adam to attend. Still, pride filled the whole arena. Friends and fans were proud of his talent and transformation from an awkward teenager to his proudly gay and fabulous self.

The high notes of 'Baby' WLL hit stratospheric levels and the performance was very natural with Adam bouncing on his feet. He played about with the lyrics of Starlight, which sounded higher than usual. He didn't appear to have his usual control of a slightly weak falsetto. MW came with a very full and powerful belt, which I thought had been missing of late at 'Look right through me' and drew a huge reaction from the crowd. I liked that he reverted to the higher 'very very' near the end, which he hadn't really done since AI. Slow Ride also saw thrilling high notes along with some swaying. It looked as if Adam was leading the dancing, with Allison following and mirroring his moves. He really went for it during the Bowie medley with very pronounced movements and astoundingly high notes. There was a blue feather boa that Adam incorporated although the swinging landed it behind him rather than back into the crowd. He finished off with an unusual descending run. What an electrifying performance on his return home.


  1. I was there. Seriously, it was a high point in my life, to finally be in the same room with (easily, by light-years) the greatest entertainer my beloved San Diego has ever produced. XD

    I don't know if Kris usually does this, but I suspect he does. Here, it was Adam who came out front and said good-bye to everyone at the end of the show.

    Kris was a great good sport about the crowd's obvious preference for Adam, even making time during his performance for a round of applause for Adam.

    The reviewer for our local paper, the Union-Tribune, said that Kris got as loud a cheer as Adam, which is technically true... for the first few seconds, anyway. She neglected to mention that while Kris got a hearty welcome, Adam's ovations were almost unstoppable. The crowd was insane for him... we all just lost our freaking minds. I saw people covering their ears, the screaming was so deafening.

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. ladraco, thanks for your first-hand account, I'm always interested to find out how his close proximity affects people. I'm curious to know, how much of the live performance is lost through the video? How does his voice and appearance differ when you experience him in person?

  3. Oops! Sorry Adam Bombed, I should have known you might comment back. I just now came back to re-watch the videos (I have my own, but these are closer and better.)

    As to your question, it's hard to articulate the sensation of seeing someone you idolize so completely. It's not an entirely new experience for me, but I've never, ever been as insane (or, in all honesty, hot) for anyone as I am for Adam. He redefines my conception of pop idolatry.

    I was just like, "Holy Moses (usually I'd say Jesus, but not when referring to Adam) I'm breathing the same air as Adam FREAKING Lambert!"

    I'd say it's wildly different to be near him, though. I'm a major concert-goer. I want to see all my favorites in person, and put considerable strain my budget to do so, I feel it so worth it. Other people, on the other hand, don't really care about concerts, I've noticed. Even some people at shows I've been at don't seem very enthused.

    So I guess it's a matter of perspective, what the difference is in seeing any given performer live. If you love concerts, you know the difference. I think half of your ticket price is to see someone you enjoy live, and the other half is really paid for the social experience of joining in with other fans, or in this case, true fanatics.

    If there's anything that makes a difference in seeing Adam live, I'd say it's really that. Adam is so dynamic, he loses very little on a small screen. He is larger than life no matter what. The heightened experience comes from A. knowing that he's actually THERE with YOU, doing his thing for YOUR PERSONAL ENJOYMENT (caps absolutely required to convey the sensation) and B. knowing that everyone around you is also flying on that same high.

    (I don't think Adam would mind this analogy one bit. ^-^) In this particular instance, with the heightened sense of sexuality from the performer and the fever pitch of the audience, it's rather like an orgy hiring the world's greatest porn star as a whore for the group's collective enjoyment.

    You've seen his work and it's just as excellent from afar as it is live, but the live experience changes everything and everyone, intensifying it indescribably.

  4. ladraco, wow, thanks for your superb detailed response! Whenever I've been to gigs and taken video, the results have been so inferior to the live experience. Cameras can't quite capture the full excitement, the smells or the temperature and buzz of the venue.

    I guess what I really wanted to know is how much Adam's voice is distorted through the recordings as I've read lots of reports that his voice sounds very high.

  5. Adam Bombed - Oh, yeah, the sound systems are a total shitfest, to tell the truth. I wasn't thinking of that, though. No arena system can do justice to such a fantastic singer. The best need the systems and acoustics to really be appreciated and Adam would, in my opinion, be better enjoyed in an opera house.

    By the way, I want to say a big thanks for your blog. There are lots of places to get an Adam fix but your collection and commentary are particularly excellent.

    I'm gorging myself on Adam right now because my dog and best friend of over ten years died this afternoon. It's the worst day of my life and it's good to have somewhere to redirect my love and attention, and something (2012 and the album) to look forward to in my suddenly-imploded world.

    Thank you again for all your hard work! Right now, it means everything to me.

  6. ladraco,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog - sending you strength. I hope you find enough distraction to ease your pain.

    I've always wanted to know exactly how Adam's voice sounds without distortion. I remember listening to his AI performances then listening to him during the mentor sessions and thinking how different he sounded. I think the mentor sessions are probably the closest we'll get and I especially loved the way he sounded during the RoF one.