Monday, 13 July 2009

Leading The Way To San Jose

I'm a little behind at the moment I'm afraid, and relentlessly trying to keep up has been eating up a disturbing amount of my life. The tour is on a pretty gruelling schedule so last night's break was a very welcome one. Here is my selection and a very brief summary:

Adam styled his hair differently into a pompadour with what looked like a fauxhawk at the back, before the concert. I wasn't sure it would work with the outfit, being a bit too slick, but he worked it nonetheless. He looked a bit like Elvis's slightly sinister and twisted twin from a futuristic and dark dimension. It was also the concert that involved the first protest by a small group of loonies, which was an embarrassingly pathetic lame-ass effort because no one could understand what the fuck they were protesting about. The Chinese Whispers of Twitter presented numerous possibilities, but it's still a bit of a mystery to me.

'Baby' Whole Lotta Love saw another different improvisation of the guitar solo and some different moves that involved a little stomping. I noticed that when he humped the mic stand, his hips were in darkness as the spotlight tried to stay above the waist. The song ended with a fantastic extended riff on last note reminiscent of BTBW. Mad World seems to have become an anthem with the audience singing along, swaying to it. The tempo of Starlight was upped a little to be more energetic and Adam was more animated. The harmonies in Slow Ride sounded a little dissonant, especially at the beginning and the smoke machine seemed be having a bit of an Adamgasm, losing control of its functions as it flooded the stage. The performance is continuing to evolve with increased ad-libbing from both Adam and Allison. Life on Mars was dramatically sung, with a very camp 'cavemen go'. The new hairdo suited Adam's sans-jacket outfit during Fame and Let's Dance much more, and he danced with a little more spontaneity. Adam really does know how to keep us talking doesn't he? How many of us are currently trying to predict what he's going to do to his hair for the next stop on the tour?


  1. Yep, you read my mind. Not only was I wondering how he was going to do his hair next concert, but the artistic passions are burning so hot - he's absolutely on fire - that I am expecting he may actully need to cool himself down to his waist one of these concernts :)

  2. Who cares! He is great in every other way! :D

  3. It's hard to keep up without staying up until 3 am every single night :)