Friday, 10 July 2009

Bra Remover In Vancouver

It seems that the organisers in Vancouver were quite stringent in not allowing the audience to film the performances, so I've been waiting for good quality videos to surface. Here is my selection so far in a playlist, although I'll update if better ones emerge and maybe do some more video editing to get the complete performances.

Adam sang Baby instead of Woman on WLL. He didn't seem to thrust and gyrate as much as he did in Tacoma, but he did straddle the mic stand and stroke it suggestively. I found it hilarious and it's great that he's not really toning himself down. He seems to be getting off on being provocative on stage and the audience is lapping it up and loving it, and he in turn is feeding off their Adamgasmic screams. Starlight is again just beautiful and really showcases his voice. It's the performance that most reminds me of RoF when he wails, sliding smoothly up and down his vocal register. His arm movements and positioning also are very reminiscent of RoF. There seem to be a rare few shaky falsetto notes in this rendition of Mad World. I think he has much better control of his belting than his falsetto when he's going for the high notes. The only time I think I've heard anything less than pitch perfect is when he's using his falsetto. Still, it's an enchanting performance with some more variations and I love the graininess in his voice on his second Happy birthday.

And there's the underwear throwing on Slow Ride which kind of overshadowed the performance a little. Perhaps it was knocking on the door of inappropriate with Allison being young, but I think that had it been a solo and had Allison not thrown the bra towards him, it would probably have been ignored seeing as he is so absorbed in his performances. It was hilarious how he dealt with the fuchsia-coloured bra - swinging it above his head before throwing it back out without missing or even wavering on his high note. I'm not sure exactly how many pieces of underwear were thrown on stage in total. There seemed to be a pair of knickers and another unidentified piece of clothing on the floor too. Despite the bra incident, Adam's movements seemed to me a little more muted than the previous show's. Allison's high Adam-like wail towards the end sounded great and it was a fun performance.

Adam was again fiddling with his earpiece during the Bowie medley where there was a lot more reverb effect. I'm wondering if there were more sound issues, or whether it's a nervous habit. People noticed him tugging his ear when he landed in the bottom three, and I also noticed it on some interviews. He once again wriggled and snaked his way around the stage for another sizzling performance.


  1. Well, I think Adam has totally transformed AI from this chaste family show into a forum for people with real talent and sex-appeal. I don't think idol will ever be the same again. It will either die a FAST death next year, or more people who thought they would not be accepted will audition. Adam is a ground breaker. His performances are in all venues so far have been less than family oriented and I have to applaud him for his fearlessness. He is a star - finally a bonafide talent from a talent show. How refreshing.

  2. Well, just confirmed that you're British-knew you would be-you are such a gifted writer and the clues were use of "vest" and "waistcoat". Thanks so much for you great blogging-my new favourite AL site. I'm from Canada eh!