Friday, 24 July 2009

In Full Flow - Ontario

UPDATED 26/07/09 - Commentary after the videos
My guests have just left so I can now get back to this obsession. I'm exhausted and will be playing catch-up for a little while so apologies for my lack of writing. Here's my video selection from Ontario:

Adam's hair was looking a bit different at this stop on the tour, his feathery spikes longer and rising further from his head. 'Baby' WLL I thought was vocally brilliant, powerful with great riffs, especially towards the end and seemed to be sung in a lower key. I felt that Adam seemed at ease, moving loosely. The lighting person again monumentally failed because the 'Baby, you need' mic molesting moment was censored by the darkness, only visible from the floor uplighting. Starlight was beautiful with Adam's voice sounding strong and grainier than usual. After listening carefully for the nuances of MW, I realised that it's his quivering vibrato, his whispering and the reverb effect that gives it such a haunting ethereal quality. There are times when he sounds strained in order to provide emotional depth to the performance. The change in 'very very' added a nice touch but I think the echo should have been turned down a little because it detracted a little from the glory note. There was a lot of head-bobbing and smiling during Slow Ride which was fun. I felt he tuned down the high notes a little but he changed up the melody to great effect. The Bowie medley started off in quite a camp voice, the high notes were a bit lower but Adam wriggled around very fluidly. Yet another thoroughly entertaining set.


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