Thursday, 30 July 2009

Lotta Rock

What started off as just a tweak to a video at the first concert has escalated into all my time being swallowed up in watching and making videos. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off as I don't want to neglect the writing aspect of this blog, so hopefully something will come to me. It took a while, but these are the best videos I've been able to find:

This was one concert where Adam's fans probably didn't make up the bulk of the audience but that was no deterrent from putting on yet another incredible show. He attacked 'Baby' WLL with ferocity, bursting with adrenaline using emphasised movements and took a sneaky sip of water during the guitar solo. He was vocally flawless, riffing with lower notes and throwing in some jaw-dropping sustained high notes. It was touching that Adam spoke about Kris, showing his support and encouraging cheers for him throughout the set. Starlight and MW both sounded pitch perfect and the HQ video shows Adam enjoying himself with smiles. Before seeing the footage, my Bullshit Detector was on alert when I read the review that called Slow Ride "the night's most magical music moment" but I'm slowly coming round to it now. At the beginning of it, Adam seemed giddy with joy, his giggle very infectious. I challenge anyone to watch the first few seconds of the video and not end up with a big grin. Compared to his other songs on the tour, I hadn't been that big a fan of Slow Ride but this one's the best so far and just so much fun. He and Allison appeared to really be having a blast, cracking up near the end. It was very cute that Adam depicted Life On Mars's 'As she walks through her sunken dream' with walking fingers. There were some new dance moves that Adam added, which included pelvic thrusts à la top 7 dance and some krumping chest pumps on his interaction with the band. He was really on form and I think this may have been his best set yet, filled with feel-good factor and more than just a little rock.


  1. I really think these are the best performances because he can hear himself. He hardly played with his earpiece this time, and the mixing sounded much better than I have heard in other videos. Hopefully, this is a sign that the problem will no longer exist. Too many reviews have included that the band drowns out almost everyone, which means the artists are dueling with them, what they hear and what they expect when they should all be the same thing.

  2. Good observation, I tend to only notice when he does play with it. It's a little distracting though, and it disrupts the mood of the performance a little.