Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tulsating Inches from the Ladies

I've now added very brief commentary to the posts from LA , Ontario, San Diego, Glendale and Dallas. There still aren't many full HQ videos from Tulsa, but here are the best so far:

Adam's hair looked quite tufty but great. Not-quite-so-perfect is more in keeping with the rock star persona as it makes you wonder what he got up to backstage just before coming on. It's hard to really tell what 'Baby' WLL was like from the videos, but Adam didn't give the crowd 'every inch' in this rendition or the accompanying thrust-and-chop action, just 'all' of his love. Starlight was beautifully expressive with a lovely low variation on 'expectaTIONS'. MW was solid and I find myself impressed that he never allows the shouts and screams to distract him and perturb the flow of the performance. It looks like the smoke machine was in Adamgasm mode during SR, which saw Adam and Allison have fun playing footy with a lacy coral bra. It was swung and flung back into the audience at an appropriate point in the music. The high notes of the Bowie medley were noticeably lower, which I'm putting down to conserving his voice but it didn't detract from the performance. He added an extra twirl and addressed the audience as 'ladies' rather than 'bitches', perhaps erring on the side of caution to avoid any possibility for accusations of misogyny from the conservative bible belt.


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