Saturday, 25 July 2009

Zoning In On Glendale

UPDATED 26/07/09 - Commentary after the videos

I'll try to get back to writing properly soon but in the meantime, fee free to share your concert experiences in the comments. Here are my chosen Glendale vids:

'Baby' WLL was an excited and energetic performance which saw him bouncing and twirling and some amazing vocals. The mic stand stroking and humping was more explicit than ever and I'm sure that any pearl-clutchers would have produced a shimmering floor after violently yanking them off in screams of liberated ecstasy. The band were rocking out and the end of the song was quite different. I felt that Starlight had a bit of a shaky start which needed a little fine tuning. The transitions to and from Adam's falsetto weren't as smooth as usual but he recovered with a strong finish. MW saw a few variations in timing and he made the unusual move of drawing in his hand to cover his face at the end. There was some back-to-back and varied dancing with Allison who sounded a little strained during Slow Ride. Adam loosened up even more during the Bowie medley, which he appeared to really enjoy. He once again called the audience 'Bitches' followed by a 'Haha' and without looking, you know he said it with a playful glint in his eye. Many of the high notes were lowered but he still left in enough to wow the audience.


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