Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sacramento Going Mental

This one's a bit late as I was waiting for better videos to surface as the early ones tended to be shot from a distance. I'm reducing the number of posts on the home page so it won't take forever to load but you can still find the older ones on the archive on the right.

Perceptions of the tour performances are built from the video footage and their quality. I'm viewing Adam through the lenses of cameras and my experience is dependent upon their limitations. I mention this because initially, I thought that Adam's movements weren't quite as pronounced as usual. I also noticed that on a couple of the songs his transitions to and from his falsetto didn't sound very smooth. I realised that much of this was due to prior knowledge that Adam had a killer headache and that the first videos were shot from a distance, giving the illusion of attenuated moves. The subsequent footage told a different story though, and he delivered another blazing set. I particularly liked that he threw in a multiple orgasm (double helping of extended Lu-oo-u-oo-u-oo-ove! glory note) into his 'baby' version of WLL. He again added variations in his riffs and timing to make each performance unique.

Adam has stated before that his time in theatre gave him the ability to perform night after night, but there isn't enough credit I can give to him for being able to perform like that with a headache. I'd wuss out and stay in bed so I cannot even begin to comprehend how he can operate with the flashing lights, the smoke, the loudness, singing those difficult songs, the high notes, not to mention those ear-splitting screams from the audience. Just wow. More proof he's from another planet or someone needs to give him a fucking medal.

When watching the videos, I find myself grinning wildly when I hear the erupting excitement of the crowds. I can't express how much I want to see Adam perform live because as he's said many times, much gets lost when it's packaged into a video and the overall effect is reduced. Yes, you can see, you can hear, but you can't really feel the effect of his voice or his glittery aura. You don't feel the buzz in the arena or the energy and music reverberating through your whole body or that you're drowning in a sea of squee. You can't taste the anticipation or feel the starstruck heat rising up inside of you or smell the vapour of a collective arena igniting in horniness. He's only just begun and I'm telling myself that whatever I feel about the videos, I'll need to multiply it by infinity to get a better idea of The Adam Lambert Experience. I wonder if we can handle it when he's fully hit his stride.


  1. You are a steamy,sensual writer..very much appreciate your blogs.The above is my fav... I recently saw the interview where Adam wants his intro song to be KOL's "Sex on Fire", so befitting of him..this tidbit request should be demanded to AI to incorporate intro into the tour.Lets see how loud we can all be..any thoughts?